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Getting Started with OpenCV

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At LearnOpenCV we are on a mission to educate the global workforce in computer vision and AI. This series of posts will help you get started with OpenCV – the most popular computer vision library in the world. Also, check out Getting Started with PyTorch and Getting Started with Tensorflow / Keras.

OpenCV For Beginners

We have created a series of tutorials for absolute beginners to get started with OpenCV. You will find more information about other relevant topics and applications while going through each post.

There are lots of tutorials on the OpenCV website for C++ and Python that you should check out after finishing this series.

Here is a list of tutorials in this series:

Read, Display and Write an Image using OpenCV

Reading and Writing Videos using OpenCV

Image Resizing with OpenCV

Cropping an Image using OpenCV

Image Rotation and Translation Using OpenCV

Annotating Images Using OpenCV

Color spaces in OpenCV (C++ / Python)

Image Filtering Using Convolution in OpenCV

Image Thresholding in OpenCV

Blob Detection Using OpenCV ( Python, C++ )

Edge Detection Using OpenCV

Mouse and Trackbar in OpenCV GUI

Contour Detection using OpenCV (Python/C++)

Simple Background Estimation in Videos using OpenCV (C++/Python)

Deep Learning with OpenCV DNN Mopencvodule: A Definitive Guide

Learn the state-of-the-art in AI: DALLE2, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion!
This course is available for FREE only till 22nd Nov.
FREE Python Course
We have designed this Python course in collaboration with OpenCV.org for you to build a strong foundation in the essential elements of Python, Jupyter, NumPy and Matplotlib.
FREE OpenCV Crash Course
We have designed this FREE crash course in collaboration with OpenCV.org to help you take your first steps into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. The course will be delivered straight into your mailbox.

Get Started with OpenCV

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